Snake Pit Falls

August, 2003

State: Wisconsin

Location: Amnicon Falls State Park in Douglas County

Height: 25 feet

Crest: ?

Water Source: Amnicon River

Waypoint: 46.61N 91.8927W

Summary: A curious small waterfall near several other waterfalls. Worth a visit as part of a waterfall tour of northern Wisconsin.

Snake Pit Falls is in Wisconsin's Amnicon Falls State Park. This is a small but interesting waterfall. The Amnicon river splits in two as it goes around a small island. On one side, the river goes over the Upper and Lower Amnicon Falls, and on the other side it goes over Snake Pit Falls.

There are two drops of roughly 10 feet, between which the river takes a ninety degree turn in a narrow gorge. Above the Snake Pit Falls there are several small drops.

[Lake Superior] Nearby Falls

The Upper and Lower Amnicon Falls are only a few hundred feet away. The seasonal Now and Then Falls is also in the park (it was dry in August when I was there). Big Manitou Falls and Little Manitou Falls are in nearby Pattison State Park.

Photo Gallery

The First Drop

A small drop and old stone work above the falls

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