Rockhouse Falls

November 2006

State: Tennessee

Location: Fall Creek Falls State Park

Height: 125

Crest: 10?

Water Source: Rockhouse Creek

Waypoint: 39.5N 82.615W

Summary: Rockhouse Falls is located right next to Cane Creek Falls in Fall Creek Falls State Park. This is one of the highest falls in the park, but also has the smallest volume.

Rockhouse Falls is located in Fall Creek Falls State Park. Rockhouse Creek falls 125 feet into the ampitheatre carved out by Cane Creek Falls.

The falls are best seen from the overlook between Fall Creek Falls and Cane Creek Cascades, or from the base of Cane Creek Falls. The best view of the falls is at the base, but you need to take the strenuous cable trail to reach it.

I was in Fall Creek Falls State Park in the morning in November, which is not the best time to try to take pictures. The sun is behind the falls in the morning.

[Cumberland Plateau] Nearby Falls

There are several falls in Falls Creek Falls State Park. The much larger Cane Creek Falls is a few hundred meters to the right of Rockhouse Falls. Cane Creek Cascades is just upstream of Cane Creek Falls. A 30 minute, 1.5 mile hike from the Nature Center will take you to Fall Creek Falls. Piney Creek Falls is a few miles away by car, foot or bike. Virgin Falls, Twin Falls and many others are within an hour to the north. Laurel Falls is 30 miles to the east.

Other Websites

Pictures of Rockhouse Falls with more water, plus pictures of hundreds of other Tennessee WaterFalls can be found the excellent at Tennessee Landforms site.

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