Power House Falls

May 2006

State: Michigan

Location: L'Anse

Height: 15

Crest: 40

Water Source: Falls River

Waypoint: 46.73677N 88.44440W

Summary: Power House Falls is an easy to visit waterfall just south of L'Anse Michigan. This is the largest of the many falls on the appropriately named Falls River. The falls is only a short distance from US-41 and is a nice stop on the Lake Superior Circle Tour.

Power House Falls is located on the Falls River. It is the largest of many falls to be found on the aptly named river. The river is about 40 wide here and drops 15 feet. The falls is named for the old power house that stands next to it.

Reaching this waterfall is easy. From US-41 about 1 mile south of L'Anse head west on Power Dam Road. There is a sign for the falls. Follow the road for about a mile. When it crosses the train tracks it branches. There is another sign for the falls. There is a small park at the falls.

There are a number of small drops just above the falls, and there are supposed to be a dozen or so more between Power House Falls and the Middle Falls in L'Anse.

[Lake Superior] [Baraga & Marquette] Nearby Falls

The smaller Middle and Lower Falls are downstream in L'Anse. The more impressive, and nearly as easy to visit Canyon Falls on the Sturgeon River is just a few miles to the south on US-41. Sturgeon Falls, Upper Silver River Falls and Slate River Falls are each within a 30 minute drive.

Photo Gallery

The Powerhouse

Another drop upstream

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