Powderhorn Falls

May 2005

State: Michigan

Location: Wakefield

Height: 15

Crest: 5

Water Source: Powdermill Creek

Waypoint: 46.50583N 90.08222W

Summary: Powderhorn Falls is a small but scenic waterfall hidden amidst a number of larger, easier to visit falls. If you a looking for a quick adventure, it is worth a visit, but if you are pressed for time visit the Black River Falls instead.

Powderhorn Falls is located in Bessemer Michigan. This is a small waterfall and there are no signs identifying its location. Visiting it requires you to climb down into a steep gorge (there were some ropes to help) and you have to cross the creek to get a good look of the falls. If this sounds like too much work, Gabbro Falls is much larger and much easier to visit.

The falls is located off of Powderhorn Road, about 1.5 miles north of US 2. Powderhorn Road is easy to find, thanks to the giant skier on US 2. The road leads to the Big Powderhorn Mountain Ski Area and there is plenty of signage. The falls on the otherhand has no signs. Look for Flintlock Road on the left (the sign is pictured) below. This is a small, rough dirt road. Opposite this on the right side of the road is a trail. The road runs parallel to the creek and the creek is not visible from the road. If you reach the Powdermill Creek Resort or the big curve in the road you have gone too far.

The trail will lead you to top of the falls. Some ropes will help you make the descent into the gorge. The area just above the falls appears to be part of somebody's backyard. They had a hammock and a porchswing set up in the gorge.

This falls is also known as Powdermill Falls.

[Lake Superior] [Gogebic County] Nearby Falls

Gabbro Falls is less than 5 miles away. Gorge Falls, Rainbow Falls and the other Black River Falls are 10 miles to the north. Potato Falls, Superior Falls and many others are within a 30 minute drive.

Photo Gallery

The road sign opposite the trail to the falls

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