Waterfalls of Hamilton Ontario

Hamilton Ontario is located along the shores of Lake Ontario and along the edge of the Niagara Escarpment. As a result there are a lot of waterfalls in the Hamilton area. Here is one list of some of the falls in the area, with pictures and directions on how to get to each of the waterfalls. Here is a neat map I found that shows the location and stats of some the falls in the area. It does not really show you how to get to the various falls, and many of the ones listed, such as Little Webster Falls are very insignificant.

Some of the "major" falls in the area are the following:

Webster Falls

Tews Falls

Borers Falls

Tiffany Falls

Sherman Falls

Chedoke Falls

Albion Falls

Felker Falls

Devil's Punchbowl Falls

The "minor" falls in the area include the following:

Sydenham Falls

Lower Sydenham Falls

Scenic Falls

Cliffview Falls

Westcliffe Falls

Mountview Falls

Here is a possible tour of some of the Hamilton falls, starting at Webster Falls, which is arguably the best of the bunch. After leaving the Webster Falls Conservation Area, take a right onto Harvest Road and drive to Tews Falls. Continue on Harvest road. When you reach Sydenham Rd, continue straight, and when Sydenham turns to the left, continue straight on Rock Chapel Rd where you will find Borers Falls.

Continue on Rock Chapel Rd until the end. Take a right onto Hwy 5 and drive three miles through Clappison's Corners. Turn right onto Mill Street and visit Smokey Hollow Falls.

Head back to Hwy 5 and take a left (south west). Turn left onto Hwy 6, and get on the west bound 403. Get off at Rousseaux Street (also called Mohawk Rd). Take a right onto Wilson Street. The parking area for Tiffany Falls will be on the right as you go down the escarpment. Continue down the escarpment on Wilson Street and take a left onto Lower Lions Club Rd. Follow this until you reach a stop sign. Take a left onto Old Dundas Rd. You will soon reach another stop sign. Take a right onto the dirt road and park. Sherman Falls is just a short walk away.

Turn your car around and continue on Old Dundas. It will end at Wilson Street. If you go straight throught the intersection you will be back on Rousseaux street. Continue straight and get on the Lincoln M. Alexander Parkway. After 13km, the Parkway turns into Mud St. Take a left on Paramount, followed by a left onto Old Mud St, and head to Albion Falls.

Head back to Old Mud St, and turn left onto Paramount. You will be in a subdivision. Follow Paramount to Audabon. Turn left and visit Felker Falls.

Get back to Paramount and turn left. Turn left at Old Mud St, and head east for 4 km. Turn left onto the Upper Centennial Parkway. Turn right onto Ridge Rd, and visit Devil's Punchbowl Falls

Many of these falls go dry, or nearly dry, in summer, so you will want to visit these falls in the Spring.

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