Yahoo Falls

May 2003

State: Kentucky

Location: Whitley City

Height: 113

Crest: 10?

Water Source: Yahoo Creek

Waypoint: 36.769N 84.51056W

Summary: Some sources claim this is the highest waterfall in Kentucky, so that makes it significant. If you are in the Big South Fork Area in spring, definitely check this waterfall out, and go visit some of the nearby arches.

Yahoo Falls is in the Big South Fork National Recreation Area, near Whitley City, Kentucky. From Kentucky 27, head west on 700 for 4 miles. Signs indicate how to get to the falls.

The trail to the falls is about 1 mile long, and is quite scenic. You can walk right up to the base of the falls, and behind the falls. The trails go up around the top of the falls, but the overlooks are overgrown and the views are not very good. The trails continue past the falls to Yahoo Arch.

The National Park Service claims that this is Kentucky's highest waterfall. Like other waterfalls in the area, it is reduced to a trickle in the summer.

Nearby Falls

Cumberland Falls is about 10 miles to the northeast. Princess Falls and Deer Lick Falls are both within 5 miles.

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