Falls and Rapids of the White River

The aptly named White River is a wild river that flows into the north eastern corner of Lake Superior. On its 80km journey it tumbles over a large number of rapids and a couple of significant waterfalls such as Chicagonce Falls, Umbata Falls and Chigawinminigum Falls. Sadly the wild nature of the river is being threatened by a number of hydroelectric projects. Most of the river can only be seen by canoe, but the rapids and falls pictures belowed can be visited on foot.

Stash Rapids

Takeout Rapids

Takeout Rapids

Take Out Rapids

Takeout Rapids is about a kilometer upstream of Umbata Falls. This rapids is much more impressive than many named falls that I have seen elsewhere. It is sort of a minature version of both Umbata Falls and Chigamiwinigum Falls. This rapids is likely to be drowned by the hydro project.

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