High Falls of Vankoughnet

May 2011

Province: Ontario

Location: Vankoughnet

Height: 4m

Crest: 20m

Water Source: Black River

Waypoint: 44.99207N 79.049077W

Summary: A slide on the Black River, with a smaller falls just downstream. The lower falls is easily seen from the road, but the High Falls is not fully visible.

According to the Bracebridge there are several waterfalls on the Black River near the village of Vankoughnet Ontario. High Falls is, presumably, the highest of a number of falls. High Falls is about 4m high, and slides over the rocks at about a 30 degree angle. Due to the way the river is angled, you cannot get a full view of the falls from the accessible west side of the river. To get a full view of the falls you would need a canoe. You also need a canoe to see most of the other falls on the Black River. One exception is the 2m Lower Falls, which is a short distance downstream. This waterfall is clearly visible from the road.

Both waterfalls are located along Vankoughnet Road, south of Highway 118. The lower falls is clearly visible when driving north. There is a a pull off which offers a nice view of the falls, and another up the road a bit from where you can walk to the falls. A little bit farther north there is another small pull off from where you can see the brink of the High Falls. A rough trail leads down to the base of the falls, but the full falls is not visible.

Nearby Falls

There are other waterfalls on the Black River, but the available information is sketchy. Most of the land around the river is privately owned. Bone's Falls and McCutcheon's Rapids appear to be of similar shape to, but smaller than the Lower Falls. Some information I have found suggests that McCutcheon's Rapids may be another name for the Lower Falls. Peterson Falls is another falls somewhere in the area.

Vankoughnet is only 30km east of Bracebridge, where you can find the much larger Bracebridge Falls, Muskoka Falls and Wilson Falls.

Photo Gallery

The west side of High Falls

The view from the crest of High Falls

Side view of High Falls

The lower falls

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