Tunnel Falls

June 2004

State: Indiana

Location: Madison

Height: 83

Crest: 10

Water Source: Deans Branch

Waypoint: 38.76111N 85.42833W

Summary: One of four waterfalls in the park, so if you are visiting Clifty Falls, there is no reason not to visit this one. Getting a good view may be a challenge.

Tunnel Falls is in Clifty Falls State Park. There are four waterfalls in the park.

From the trails, it was difficult to get a really good view of any of the waterfalls in this park. There is a gorge trail that lets you walk right up to the base of Clifty Falls. You could probably use this trail to walk up the gorge that leads to Tunnel Falls, although it may be against park rules.

Just around the corner from Tunnel Falls is a 600 foot long tunnel that you can walk through. Bring a flashlight!

Nearby Falls

Big Clifty, Little Clifty, and Hoffman Falls are all in Clifty Falls State Park.

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