Sand River Falls

May 2003

Province: Ontario

Location: Lake Superior Provincial Park

Height: Several drops of 10-15 feet

Crest: varies considerably

Water Source: Sand River

Waypoint: 47.4351N 84.7289W

Summary: These are the most accessible of the Lake Superior Provincial Park waterfalls. Stop and visit them while in the park. In one day you can visit these falls, the Silver Falls and High Falls in Wawa and perhaps one of the wild waterfalls Gargantua or Baldhead River Falls. If you have a canoe and camping gear, you can travel up the Sand River to the very remote and wild Lady Evelyn Falls and Calwin Falls, although most people take the Algoma Central Railway train and travel downstream from Sand Lake.

The Sand River Falls are in Lake Superior Provincial Park. They can be easily reached from the Pinguisibi Trail. The Trail follows the river upstream. The trail maps says there are three falls along the trail, but the first is quite small and does not really count. There are lots of rock and rapids in the river.

As you can see from the pictures, these Falls look quite different in the spring than in late summer.

Here is a short movie of Sand River Falls.

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The Agawa Falls, Gargantua Falls, and Baldhead River Falls are also in Lake Superior Provincial Park. The High Falls and Silver Falls are in nearby Wawa. The Chippewa Falls are south of the park along Highway 17. Chippewa Falls is part of the Lake Superior WaterFall Tour.

Photo Gallery

Lower Falls

August 2002

May 2003

Upper Falls

August 2002

August 2002

August 2002

May 2003

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