Pipestem Falls

May 2009

State: West Virginia

Location: Pipestem

Height: 30+

Crest: 15

Water Source: Pipestem Creek

Waypoint: 37.5479N 80.9591W

Summary: A roadside falls, located along Route 20. Unfortunately the falls is not easily seen, especially when the leaves are out. A smaller drop is easy to visit. Several other falls can be found if you continue along Route 20.

Pipestem Falls is a 30+ foot drop on Pipestem Creek. The creek and falls are named for the Pipestem Plant, aka Spiraea alba, a hollowed stem shrub that was used for making pipestems. The shrub still grows abundantly along the creek. The creek flows down to the Bluestone River, just west of its confluence with the New River.

There is a small pull off on the east side of the road, about 9 miles south of Hinton. A sign identifies the falls. There are no established viewing areas, and you cannot see a whole lot from up top. You can walk upstream, and get a nice view of a small cascade located above the main falls. If you want to see the falls, you will need to climb down into the gorge. This is made a bit more difficult because it looks like a lot of rock debris was thrown into the gorge when they built the road.

Just south of the falls you will see a sign for Bulls Falls and a road going east. Bulls Falls was a rapids on the New River but it has been drowned by the Bluestone Dam. Pipestem Falls is not located in Pipestem State Park.

Nearby Falls

Sandstone Falls and Bad Branch Falls are 16 miles to the north. If you continue south on Route 20 for another 4 miles and then follow some side roads a for a few miles, you can find Indian Branch Falls. Another 4 miles south and 3 miles west will take you to Brush Creek Falls and the seasonal Whiteoak Creek Falls. Supposedly many more wild waterfalls tumble into the Bluestone River but you have to be willing to do some serious bushwacking to find them.

Photo Gallery

Down in the gorge

Smaller upper drop

Looking down towards the main drop

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