Oregon WaterFalls

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Oregon is a great state for waterfalls. The combination of ancient volcanic activity, catastrophic floods, and plenty of modern rainfall create a great climate for waterfall formation. Hundreds of waterfalls can be found in the state, and there are several areas where a dozen waterfalls can be easily found and visited in a day. The three top areas are the Columbia River Gorge, which contains some of the state's highest waterfalls; Silver Falls State Park, where a 5 mile hike takes you past 10 waterfalls; and the Umpqua National Forest, which contains some of the state's largest and wildest waterfalls. Falls can also be found near the coast, and pretty much anywhere except in the states eastern deserts.

I have only spent a few days in Oregon, which is nowhere near enough time to do the falls of the state justice. Far more complete lists of Oregon waterfalls can be found at these sites:

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