Lantermans Falls

July 1, 2011

State: Ohio

Location: Youngstown

Height: 15'

Crest: 20'

Water Source: Mill Creek

Waypoint: 41.0666N 80.6822W

Summary: A scenic plunge falls in Mill Creek Park. The water of Mill Creek is still used to operate a grist mill. The mill, falls, and old covered bridge together make for a very interesting visit.

Lantermans Falls is a plunge falls on Mill Creek on the outskirts of Youngstown Ohio. The falls itself is scenic, and there is a deep rocky gorge below it, but what really makes this place fascinating is the restored Lanterman's Mill next to the falls. When the creek is high enough, but not too high, it is still used to power the mill to grind grain. Tours of the mill are available. You can also buy the flour they grind.

The falls and mill are located right off of US 62. There is a well signed parking area on the north side of the creek. From there it is a short walk to the an overlook of the falls and the mill. A trail leads down into the gorge from the mill. You can also get nice views of the falls from the bridge. Upstream of the mill is the old covered bridge.

Mill Creek flows in a northerly direction. At Lantermans Falls it is flowing northwest. I was there on a bright sunny day with the sun behind the falls, which made it difficult to get nice photos. An overcast day would have been much better for photos.

For whatever reason, the publically available USGS data lists Lantermans Falls, but does not include its GPS coordinates. There are nine other waterfalls in Ohio that do not have GPS coordinates, two of which I have also found.

Nearby Falls

Quakertown Falls is about 10 miles to the east, and Big Run Falls is another 12 miles beyond that. Buttermilk Falls and the seasonal Sheepskin Hollow Falls are about 40 miles to the south east.

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