Kingston Mills Falls

November 2012

Province: Ontario

Location: Frontenac County, north of Kingston

Height: 5m

Crest: 10m (varies)

Water Source: Cataraqui River

Waypoint: 44.29254N 76.44196W

Summary: A medium sized falls just a short distance from the 401. There is a dam here, and the water is diverted, and the falls is sometimes dry.

Kingston Mills Falls is located on the outlet of Colonel By Lake, an artificial lake created by the damming of the Catraqui River. The falls is just below the dam. Water is diverted around the falls, and the falls can be dry at times.

The fall is easy to reach. It is less than a kilometre from Highway 401. Take exit 619, head north, and take a right on to Kingston Mills Road. There is no real parking area for the falls, but there is room on the north side of the road west of the falls. The road narrows to a single lane just below the dam.

There is not much to see from the road. To see the falls, walk over to the south west side of the dam, and look for a dirt road by the utility building. Walk down this, and take a left to the river below the falls.

This is the last waterfall that flows into Lake Ontario.

Nearby Falls

Yarker Falls is 35km to the west, and Napanee Falls is another 25km beyond that. If you continue around the lake, several waterfalls can be found in New York about 100km away.

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