Ithaca Falls

August 29, 2003

State: New York

Location: Ithaca

Height: 75?

Crest: 150?

Water Source: Fall Creek

Waypoint: 42.45278N 76.49194W

Summary: This is one of the most impressive of the many waterfalls in the Ithaca area. It is easy to visit, and should be part of any Finger Lakes waterfall tour.

Ithaca Falls is in Ithaca, and is one of the more impressive waterfalls in the area. Taughannock Falls is higher, but Ithaca Falls may be the most powerful of the many falls in the Finger Lakes region.

I have seen the height of the falls listed at 75, 100 and 150 feet. Based on my own photos, 75 feet is probably the most accurate. The higher figures may include other drops than the main one, or they may simply be exaggerations. All told, Fall Creek drops about 400 feet between Beebe Lake and Lake Cayuga. Despite its stature, the falls is not well advertised. It is visible from a small, unsigned conservation area that includes the gorge below the falls. Signs warning you of high lead levels are posted in the area. Perhaps that is why the place is not better advertised.

To reach the falls from 13, take route 34 south. This is Lake Street. You will pass a school on your right, and then cross a bridge. The falls are to your left and are visible from the bridge. If you reach Falls Dr, you have gone too far. There did not appear to be an official parking lot for the falls. It is a short walk from the road to the base of the falls.

This is the last and largest of several waterfalls on Fall Creek. Just above Ithaca Falls is another 20 foot fall that can be seen from the Stewart Avenue Bridge above Ithaca Falls. This is possibly "Forest Falls".

[Lake Cayuga & Lake Seneca] Nearby Falls

Cascadilla Gorge is also in Ithaca. Buttermilk Falls State Park and Lucifer Falls are a few minutes west on Route 13. Taughannock Falls is a few minutes to the north. Hector Falls, Watkins Glen, She-Qua-Ga Falls, Eagles Nest Falls, Filmore Glen, Montville Falls and probably a hundred others are within an hour's drive.

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January 2004

Forest Falls(?)

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