Decew Falls

June 15, 2003

Province: Ontario

Location: St. Catherines

Height: 72

Crest: 20?

Water Source: Twelve Mile Creek

Waypoint: 43.11052N 79.26444W

Summary: A very pretty waterfall. If you are at Niagara and grow tired of all the commercialism, and want to see something a bit wilder and less crowded, pay this waterfall a visit. It would also be a good stop on your way to Niagara.

Decew Falls is another of the many Niagara Escarpment Waterfalls. This is a very pretty waterfall, and an interesting area to visit. At the top of the Falls is the Morningstar Mill, an old mill that is being restored. The mill is operational, and they grind flour somedays. They are also repairing the saw mill located at the site.

From the Mill, the Bruce Trail follows the north side of the rim ( At this point the trail looks like it heads straight into somebody's house.) You have to get into the gorge to get really nice views of the falls. There are two popular ways into the gorge: the long way, and the short way.

For the long way, follow the Bruce Trail until the trail forks. The Bruce trail goes to the right, and the "trail" into the gorge continues straight. This is not a maintained trail, and it is a bit steep, but it is not too hard. Unfortunately it is a long hike back up the gorge, and the "trail" is very difficult in places. One advantage is that you will pass the Lower Decew Falls on the way.

The short way into the gorge involves climbing down a rope tied to a tree that some helpful soul has left behind. A couple of hundred feet from the Mill, look for a well travelled spot along the edge of the gorge. The rope is yellow, but it is not easy to spot from the main trail.

The base of the falls is interesting. The man made Tunnel Falls will be to your left. Water drains out of this tunnel that is part of the Decew Hydroelectric Facility. If you head up the hill to the left of Decew Falls, you can walk around behind the falls. Along the way you will pass another tunnel dug into the escarpment. The tunnel was dug through one of the softer layers of the escarpment, and has a flat ceiling and floor made up of the harder layers above and below.

[Hamilton Area] Nearby Falls

The Lower Decew Falls are just downstream, but the trail is challenging. By car, Niagara Falls is 20 minutes to the east, and Balls Falls and Beamer Falls are 20 minutes to the west.

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