Dave's Falls

July 2004

State: Wisconsin

Location: Marinette County, 1 mile south of Amberg

Height: 15

Crest: varies

Water Source: Pike River

Waypoint: 45.49611N 87.98861W

Summary: This small waterfall is one of the many waterfalls in Marinette County and is fairly typical of the type of waterfall you find in this area. It is located in a county park that is just off of US 41 making it easy to visit. The surrounding landscape is as interesting as the falls themselves.

Dave's Falls is a small waterfall in Marinette County Wisconsin. It is a good example of the sort of waterfall found in this area, and it is very easy to visit. The lower falls is a narrow chute with a total drop of about 10 feet. The upper falls is a wider slide that is about 6 feet high. Despite the small size of the falls it is still an interesting area, largely due to the surrounding rock.

You can clamber around on the rocks here to get different views of the falls. There are no fences or railings, so be careful.

This waterfall is right off of US 141 1 mile south of Pembine. There is $2 fee to visit the park, and it is a short walk to the falls.

Nearby Falls

There are a fair number of waterfalls in this area, but most of them are rather small. They include Twelve Foot Falls, Eighteen Foot Falls, and Smalley's Falls. Long Slide Falls is about 10 miles to the north and is easily the largest and most scenic of the waterfalls in the area. See the websites below for a complete list.

Other Websites

Marinette County is the self proclaimed Waterfall Capitol of Wisconsin. The county provides a map and tour of their waterfalls. Most of these waterfalls are similar in size and shape to the upper falls. Here is a photo gallery of Dave's Falls County Park.

Photo Gallery

The lower falls

Looking downstream

Nice rocks

The upper falls

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