Cataract Falls

April 2004

Province: Ontario

Location: Forks of the Credit Provincial Park

Height: 40?

Crest: 30?

Water Source: Credit River

Waypoint: 43.82131N 80.02238W

Summary: This waterfall is surrounded by ruins from its days as the power source for industry. If you like ruins, that is a plus, but for many it is a minus. The current trails do not allow for great views of the falls. This is not one of the more impressive waterfalls of the Niagara Escarpment. It is roughly between the many Hamilton area waterfalls and the many Owen Sound area waterfalls so it can make a good stop on an extended waterfall tour of Southern Ontario.

Cataract Falls is in Ontario's Forks of the Credit Provincial Park. The park includes rolling terrain, parts of the Niagara Escarpment, and Cataract Falls along the Credit River.

From the parking lot it is a leisurely hike of a couple kilometers through an open rolling countryside that was shaped by glacial action. The Meadow Trail takes you to the river and then along the rim of the gorge to the falls. There are plans for another trail closer to the river, but it looks like it is still under construction.

A stairway takes you down to the top of the falls, and a platform gives you a somewhat obstructed views of the falls. They are trying to fight erosion and the area around the platform is closed off, so trying to get a closer view would be inconsiderate.

This used to be an industrial waterfall and is surrounded by ruins. Above and below the falls the gorge walls have been reinforced with concrete. Personally I find ruins interesting, but for many they will detract from the beauty of the falls.

[Niagara Escarpment] Nearby Falls

Eugenia Falls and its neighbors are 70 km to the north west. Hilton Falls is 50km to the south east. Webster Falls and the many Hamilton area waterfalls are another 50km beyond that.

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This waterfalls is also known as Churches Falls.

Photo Gallery

Another Obstructed View from the Other side

Just above the Main Falls


A little farther upstream

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